ATM called back to order*

The Meeting takes up  Article 35: Lexpress Resolution [DATE CERTAIN]
MOTION: Resolved that the Town of Lexington be instructed to take such steps as necessary to ensure that every resident shall have access to an existing Lexpress route that is less than one mile if level, and less than three quarters of a mile if uphill to either arrive or depart onto the bus.
Board of Selectmen have taken no position of this resolution.
The Planning Board voted 4-0 against this Article.
Transportation Advisory Committee: full comment from TAC chair, Hank Manz; no position has been taken, due to the late notice of the details of the resolution.
No positions from either Appropriation or Capital Expenditures Committees.
TMM rises to oppose the resolution, urges others to join him.
Town Meeting does not approve - the MOTION fails.
- - -
*Please note that this post is in no way an official record of the Annual Town Meeting; it is offered as information to interested persons by a member of Town Meeting.
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