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Raising a Country

A personal reflection, in advance of Patriots' Day 2013, published in Lexington Minuteman, April 11, 2013

Raising a Country On Patriots' Day, before marathoners take their marks and pancake breakfasts are served, re-enactors will stir in the morning haze as John Hancock's nimble-footed secretary protects a trunkload of Patriot-activist papers from British Regulars descending upon Lexington's Green. When the Stamp Act crisis developed in 1765, signaling the revolutionary era, Patriot-activists were quick to respond. Patriot men and women, referring to themselves as “sons” and “daughters of liberty”, were spurred by the revolutionary cause and drawn to political action. Re-enactors, dressing their parts in “homespun” linen or wool, tell of women’s participation in boycotts on finer British textiles. The constant spinning, knitting, and sewing, they say, kept hands busy and minds free. In sewing or spinning circles, conversation naturally turned to political and economic matt…