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In the last days of 2014, my PLN challenged me to reflect on OneWord of purpose for the coming year. (More about the OneWord spark from PLN colleague Ted Huff here). And my initial reflection brought many good words of purpose to mind:

courage - strength - vision - soul - authentic - thrive - desire - passion - dream - inspire - essential - hope - imagine persevere - reflect 
I carefully considered each one, ultimately deciding that these very good words were better suited as foundation words from which to build and support my OneWord choice. I wondered: Could my OneWord sum up all that I hoped for in my vision of purpose and interaction with people, things, time? It is to lead, persist, and inspire with soul, yes, and to lead from the truth of who I am.

The word I claimed for myself is, BOLD. In the past few months of living with the word, I have come to understand that to focus on it is to arrive at what is most essential; a word of purpose and commitment that is applicable persona…