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School Leaders @Social Media

More and more people are using platforms like twitter, facebook, and LinkedIn to engage, inform, educate, and network.
I set up my facebook page early in October 2011 in anticipation of my 2012 re-election to the Lexington School Committee (feel free to visit and "Like"...)I joined twitter in February 2011 (tweets at right...). If one thinks of twitter as a microblog, then this blog elaborates on thoughts, ideas, and scenes I have tweeted about.I beefed up my LinkedIn profile after attending a women's leadership conference - I've tried to maintain and build connections ever since.So, it was with interest that I responded to a query sent to American School Board Journal subscribers last year about using social media - and would I be interested in talking to someone from ASBJ about it?

A small part of my conversation with ASBJ senior editor Lawrence Hardy is featured in the February edition of ASBJ and may be accessed HERE. I was pleased to contribute to the topic and ag…

An Estabrook Update

MT @MAStewartMA: Exciting! MT @SandraTrach NEW #EstabrookSchool 02.24.14! art rm in final stage overlook green roof”— Sandra Trach (@SandraTrach) January 15, 2014