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Special Town Meeting (STM) 2017-3 *

Back in Cary Hall tonight to continue with STM 2017-3.
Warrant is HERE.
Motions for STM-3 Articles 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,13,HERE.
Motions for STM-3 Articles 2,5(revised),10,12, HERE.
Report of the Appropriation Committee (AC), HERE.
Report of the Capital Expenditures Committee (CEC), HERE.
October 16, 2017 Votes of Town Meeting Members (TMM), HERE.
My post for the previous night (STM-2, Monday, October 16) HERE.

Madam Moderator (MM) indicated previously that we'll begin with the following Articles:
Article 2: Amend Zoning Bylaw -- 45-55-65 Hayden AvenueArticle 12: Appropriate Community Preservation Act ProjectsArticle 8: Appropriate Design Funds for Visitors CenterTime permitting: Articles 3 & 4 -- Amend General Bylaws -- Recreational Marijuana Facilities Prohibited & Amend Zoning Bylaw -- Recreational Marijuana MoratoriumTime permitting: any other unfinished STM 2017-3 Articles. Holding Monday, October 30 for a possible 3rd night, if needed.
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Madam Moderator (MM) has called the …

Special Town Meeting (STM) 2017-2

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We're in the Isaac Harris Cary Memorial Building (Cary Hall), 1605 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington 02420.

Madam Moderator has just called the meeting to order.

7:30 PM

Warrant for STM-2 and STM-3 is HERE.
Motions HERE.
Report of the Appropriation Committee (AC), HERE.
Report of the Capital Expenditures Committee (CEC), HERE.

Carl Valente, Town Manager introducing new staff; presents his report: 2016-2018 Capital Plan Approved and Potential Exempt Debt Projects (~$71M). Have since decided to remove Fire Station "swing space" and Pelham Road property purchases from the debt exclusion referendum (voting in December, TBA).

Reports of the CEC and AC presented and placed on file.
First up, Articles for STM-2, in the order printed in the Warrant:
Article 2: Appropriate for Hastings School Construction (Funds requested: $63,059,418)Report of the School Committee presented and placed on file.School Committee (SC) unanimously recommendin…

Yes - let's build the Arts

While the Globe's editorial focused, primarily, on the arts as an economic driver(Let's build Massachusetts by building the arts), the arts are a component of a basic education. However, since the dawn of the "standards-based era", their focus of study has eroded in many schools; it doesn't help that the Massachusetts Arts Curriculum Framework hasn't been updated since first implemented in 1999.

An arts education can help students develop a variety of skills, such as critical thinking and problem-solving, as well as to help foster creative thinking. Further, the arts provide a way for students to communicate and collaborate across language, cultural, and other boundaries, and can increase their global knowledge. We should support efforts that:
support, expand, and improve children's access to quality arts and cultural programs;support, expand, and improve arts literacy for all students;support, expand, and improve opportunities to use arts education to expa…