September marks my fifth year on the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. I recommit myself to fighting for education equity for all children in the Commonwealth's public schools, so that each child is prepared for their future. 
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Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2014 10:42 AM
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Press Release

GOVERNOR PATRICK APPOINTS THREE EDUCATION LEADERS TO BOARD OF ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY EDUCATION BOSTON – Tuesday, August 5, 2014 -- Governor Deval Patrick today announced that he has appointed three education leaders -- Margaret McKenna, Katherine Craven, and Mary Ann Stewart -- to the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. McKenna has been named the new chairperson of the Board. “I am very pleased to appoint three experienced education professionals to the Board of Elementary and …

YES for Human Rights

This November, basic protections for our transgender neighbors will be on the ballot in Massachusetts. We must vote YES for fairness, respect, and dignity by upholding the law to protect the rights of transgender people in public spaces.

Right now it’s illegal to discriminate against a person simply because they are transgender. A small group of opponents wants to change that and take Massachusetts backwards. Their referendum question would repeal our state law that protects transgender people from discrimination in public places, including restaurants, stores, and doctors’ offices. If the current law is repealed, transgender people will no longer have explicit protection from discrimination in all places the public is welcome. A YES vote keeps the current law as it is.

This is about human rights. Transgender people have the right to the same basic protections as everyone else—to live their lives with safety, privacy, and dignity—as provided in our Constitution. Protecting people from d…

Article 26 - Establish, Dissolve and Appropriate to and from Specified Stabilization Funds

ARTICLE 26 — ESTABLISH, DISSOLVE AND APPROPRIATE TO AND FROM SPECIFIED STABILIZATION FUNDS To see if the Town will vote to create, amend, dissolve, rename and/or appropriate sums of money to and from Stabilization Funds in accordance with Section 5B of Chapter 40 of the Massachusetts General Laws for the purposes of: (a) Section 135 Zoning By-Law, (b) Traffic Mitigation, (c) Transportation Demand Management/Public Transportation, (d) School Bus Transportation; (e) Special Education, (f) Center Improvement District; (g) Debt Service, (h)Transportation Management Overlay District, (i) Capital; (j) Payment in Lieu of Parking; (k) Avalon Bay School Enrollment Mitigation Fund; (l) Visitor Center Capital Stabilization Fund; (m) Affordable Housing Capital Stabilization Fund; and (n) Water System Capital Stabilization Fund; determine whether the money shall be provided by the tax levy, by transfer from available funds, from fees, charges or gifts or by any combination of these methods; and fu…