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Congressional Review Act

Earlier this month, Congress used its authority under the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to undo two executive branch regulations concerning K-12 education:

House Joint Resolution 57: relating to accountability data for State plans under ESSAHouse Joint Resolution 58: relating to teacher preparation issues
The Senate is expected to take action on both matters when they reconvene next week.
There was some expectation that the CRA might be used to undo "Supplement Not Supplant"; that HJRes.57 targets Accountability Regs in ESSA could be problematic for those State Boards in the midst of State plans being tied to them. 
Massachusetts isn't among those States using "Accountability" as one of the indicators in its draft consolidated state plan, so the HJRes won't have an impact here.
As for teacher preparation issues, the action under HJRes.58 nullifies the rule finalized by US/ED last October: Title II (Teacher Quality Enhancement) of the Higher Education Act of…

Reflection: the Year(s) in Review

February 2017: this is the midway point in my five-year term as Parent Representative on the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. Governor Deval Patrick appointed me in August 2014, and as a sitting, twice-elected School Committee member at the time, Massachusetts General Laws required that I step down from that role in order to accept my new role on the State Board.

Coming in, I knew there'd be differences, although, arranged around the table as we are with the Commissioner, the State Board looks very much like a School Committee sitting with their Superintendent and, insofar as both bodies create policy and hire and evaluate their department leader, that's understandable thinking. However, the work is not the same (and I have a whole, new appreciation for elected School Committees and their work). It's not that decisions are "easier" or "harder"; a locally elected policymaker and advocate sees and hears steadily from residents about how their …