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Core Beliefs

Change is easy. You go first. ~ Wisdom of Anonymous
These 4 Core Beliefs are found in Chapter 3 of Beyond the Bake Sale; by placing them at the heart of family-school partnerships, the authors promote and affirm the valuable role of families so necessary for all students to achieve academic proficiency - and beyond.

If we are serious about engaging families for student success, and if we do not take our families' involvement for granted, we will want to improve family engagement practice in the most authentic ways and we will want to adopt these core beliefs. When schools work with and engage families, those families become powerful partners, allies, and advocates of the school. Family engagement matters.

Core Belief 1: All parents have dreams for their children and want the best for them. When we take the time to hear from parents directly about their hopes and dreams for their children, it deepens the relationship. How often do schools take the time to hear from parents directly ab…