#NASBE16: Day 3 Preview

Today is the last full day of the conference.

7:45 AM Awards Breakfast. Arkansas State Board member and NASBE Chair-elect, Jay Barth presides for the presentation of several awards for Distinguished Service to sitting State Board of Education members.

9:00 AM NASBE Annual Business Meeting (NASBE Delegates), General Session

9:00 AM Exploring the Future of Teaching and Learning - which looks to be an exciting, interactive presentation for conference attendees who are not Delegates.

12 PM Lunch - while most of us will be networking at lunch, volunteer representatives from each NASBE region have volunteered to participate in a Focus Group with Edge Research, who partnered with NASBE on the survey to members; they will take their lunch with them to the Focus Group. There is also a separate lunch for NASBE Funders.

1:00 PM Book Talk: Cross X

Concurrent Sessions
  • 2:15 PM
    • Equity and Access: Ensuring Equal Opportunities for All Students
    • Teacher Discipline across States (joint session with NCOSEA)
  • 3:45 PM
    • Water Quality Crisis: Addressing the Environmental Hazards That Lurk in Schools and Impact Student Learning
    • Connecting the Education Data Continuum
  • 3:45 PM
    • Government Affairs Committee
    • Public Education Positions
    • Editorial Advisory Board (I've been asked to be part of this Board, so this will be my first meeting)
    • Board Meeting (if needed)
This post was updated to reflect Jay's new designation (from President-elect to Chair-elect, as per the vote of the Delegates Assembly earlier today).