#NASBE16 Breakfast

Welcome Breakfast. Sgt. Hernandez of the Kansas City MO Police Department provided today's color guard.

We are just a few miles from Kansas. NASBE President, Jim McNiece (Chair, Kansas SBE) welcomed participants and introduced Missouri State Board of Education Vice President, Victor Lenz. Lenz sketched out their SBE's governance practices.

Greetings from Dr. Margie Vandeven, Missouri Commissioner of Education, hired in 2015. She provided a bit of context for education in our host state: diverse state (rural, urban; #s of students in districts range from 25 students to 25,000). Focused on 3 goals:
1. all MO students will graduate college and career ready
2. all will have access to high quality learning opportunities
3. all students will have an effective teacher in every classroom

Greetings from Dr. Randy Watson, Kansas Commissioner of Education. Challenges us to maximize the success of different and diverse students and how to ensure flexibility to reach each one. Asks, "How will you lead to focus on each and every child?"

Warm welcome from Kris Amundson, NASBE Executive Director. Urging survey participation of NASBE members. Computer is set up in the registration area to do so.