Notes from "Supporting State Board Leadership for all Students"

Kris Amundson, NASBE Executive Director

Life under ESSA

"With great power comes great responsibility" ~ Spiderman movie

"Be careful what you wish for..." ~ Kris' mom

ESSA: Accountability, Assessments, Turnarounds, Teachers

Under NCLB was largely based on the single summative test, Key requirements: disaggregated by school, by sub group

New legislation:
  • set long-term goals
  • Each state targets sets its own goals
  • Feds are not in any way halting its commitment for all kids, but is now saying that it's up to states to make it happen
In Virginia, SBE wants to know what content knowledge, community engagement, work experience, they want for students - ->then develop their accountability system

What do people [in MA] value?
What's important?
How can we use that accountability system to move kids THERE? - ->THEN, develop metrics. DON'T RUSH.

You can make change fast - or you can make change last

ESSA was a compromise bill
Every kid, every year, by subgroup - - IMP for civil rights groups
Summative tests are but one part of assessment system
SBE has the opp to shape that system

Who has the authority over state assessments: in 37 states, it's the SBE; in 45 states SBE sets standards

Opt out - suggests SAT is already developed and parents haven't opted their kids out of that test
  • Eliminate duplicative testing
  • Computer adaptive tests
  • Could institute a cap limiting time on tests - - some of the best assessments are what involve kids in doing things

ESSA has established a pilot program in 7 states for complete revamping of assessments: NH has been at it for 5 years; it's long and arduous work (they are no where near done); hold the line firmly on equity and rigor; state does not believe their criteria is rigorous enough

Suggests NASBE here to help all SBEs

If we're honest, we know there are a small number of schools that need help  to turn around on drop-outs, underachieving

Under ESSA: you still have to intervene for bottom 5%, drop outs, under-achieving...

ESSA says you have to work with districts then monitor what's going on

Create a schedule, create a plan, set aside $$

Think about the skills those schools , T, Principals will need

ESSA will allow states to play a much greater role in
HQ entrance and Evidence-based PD
Elimination of "HQT" requirement - now, what makes a really, really good teacher...?

Think actively: the arts (real actors, dancers, musicians); and CTE

Reaffirm publicly to take advantage of everything under ESSA for equity & excellence

Power of Coalitions (for states) - NASBE replicating collaborative initiatives

Listening tour in KS: "Kansas Can" - convened public hearings across the state; resulted in creating a VISION for schools & kids; coalition included Teachers Union, Chamber of Commerce, & Governor