Special BESE Meeting in Southbridge

special meeting of the Board will be in Southbridge this Monday, January 25 (4:30-7:30 PM). It's the opportunity for BESE to hear from members of the public on the question of whether to designate Southbridge Public Schools as a chronically underperforming ("Level 5") district - - as per the Board's Regulations on School and District Accountability and Assistance, 603 CMR 2.06(1)(f):
School district and municipal officials, including the school committee, as well as the local teachers' union or association president or designee, a representative of the local parent organization, and members of the public, shall have an opportunity to be heard by the Board before final action by the Board to place the district in Level 5.
It's expected that no votes will be taken at the special meeting.

I look forward to reading written comments (email or hard copy - contacts for both are provided on this page, at right). To date, no hard copy letters on the issue have been received, and emails are a scant 6, with only one in opposition to receivership.

I had a conversation with a member of the community who wanted to understand the receivership process, and I had one phone call with an employee of the district.

When I attended the Department's presentation of District Review Report before the Southbridge School Committee last month, one member of the public spoke to the issue in the Public Comment period; I was surprised that fewer than 30 people attended the meeting.

Note that since the Board is devoting three hours on Monday evening to public comments on Southbridge Public Schools, public comment will be limited on Tuesday to the non-Southbridge items on the agenda.