Ideas for partnering with the school to support your child's education

There are many ways to be engaged with a child's education - if you're the adult responsible for the care-giving of a child, you're probably doing some of these things already.

  • Learn about school and district policies and practices that affect children.
  • Voice your support or concerns on any issue that will affect your family.
  • Participate in meetings to determine special educational needs and services.
  • Attend workshops on problem-solving, conflict resolution, and public speaking to develop your advocacy skills.
  • Encourage and support children to serve in student leadership positions.
  • Work with teachers and school administrators to develop a parent involvement policy.
  • Learn candidates' position and participate in school committee elections.
  • Participate in petition drives or letter-writing campaigns to Congress on legislation affecting public schools and other child-related issues.
  • Give testimony at public hearings in support of or in opposition to proposed education legislation.
  • Vote in local, state, and federal elections for public officials who support education.
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