Collaborating with the community in support of your child's education*

There are many ways to engage in a child's education: at home, at school, and in the community. Here are some ideas for collaborating with community organizations in support of children's learning:
  • Make local agencies and businesses aware of what's happening at your child's school.
  • Help coordinate and participate in events that support community groups.
  • Talk with employers about co-sponsoring parent meetings or parenting workshops on site.
  • Encourage employers to adopt flexible work schedules and time off so that employees might attend school functions.
  • Help organize and/or participate in community career, art, or health fairs.
  • Recruit community members (seniors, business people) to volunteer at school.
  • Serve on local community advisory councils and committees.
  • Work with local authorities and public officials to sponsor community events.
  • Encourage and help facilitate your child's participation in community service.
  • Be a role model; be active in community service yourself or together with your child.
- - -
* This refers to any adult who serves a care-giving role in a child's life.