NASBE Luncheon Keynote :: Brilliant - The Science of How We Get Smarter

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Annie Murphy Paul, Author of the forthcoming book Brilliant: The Science of How We Get Smarter
on twitter @anniemurphypaul

  • engaging presentation, posits intelligence can be acquired 
  • findings suggest that our schools can impart not just knowledge and skills but intelligence itself to students
  • thinks of intelligence as a "reservoir and a pipeline"
  • says we don't know how to measure the depth or capacity of someone's intelligence reservoir
  • we're focusing too much on increasing the capacity of the reservoir instead of the pipeline
  • intelligence is sensitive to its "setting", so pay attention to the environment
  • instead of talking about the "achievement gap" > > understand "cognitively congenial settings"
  • the ability to shape one's own setting, in the way that works best for learning > > a key 21st c skill
  • companies can also enhance the brainpower of the workers they already employ when they focus on the setting

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