NASBE Breakfast Keynote :: Disruptive Demographics :: Thursday, October 22, 2015

Keynote Speaker: Dr. James H. Johnson Jr., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Asks: How do we properly educate needs of diverse students?

Unprecedented, disruptive demographics around us present incredible challenges and opportunities

Finds 6 disruptive themes from 2010 census:
  1. The South Rises...Again
  2. The Browning of America
  3. Marrying Out is "In"
  4. The Silver Tsunami is About to Hit
  5. The End of Men
  6. Cooling Water from Grandma's Well...and Grandpa's too!
The South Continues to Rise...Again...
  • we are a mobile society
  • our migration trends are immigration driven
  • movement is happening in 4 states in the South: 71% of 14M people going to Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina
The Browning of America
  • immigration driven
  • 1921-1961 most people migrating came from Europe
  • 1961-1988 most people migrating came from Asia
  • 1987-1998 migration from Europe fundamentally disappears
  • migration and immigration are age-selected
  • more young people are coming to US - having children at higher rates and "completed fertility" of white women is between 40-44 year-olds means school systems are impacted by this fundamental biology

The Graying of America
  • at the same time the Browning of America is going on, the graying of native born is on the rise - the silver Tsunami is about to hit...
  • also, changes in longevity - HUGE
  • AND declining fertility
  • longevity due to  better lifestyles (healthy eating, more active lives)
  • multi-generational workforce
  • succession planning and accommodations for elder care - organizational game changers!
Marrying Out is "In"
  • profound shift in marriage patterns
  • intermarriage trends on the rise
  • no one-size fits all - kids coming in will not fit (and will not let you make them fit...!)
  • children living in grandparent and non-grandparent households on the rise
  • family arrangements have changed
  • much more diversity
  • women are about to surpass men as majority in workforce
All of this has a huge impact on the history we will tell and how we will tell it. Education is necessary but insufficient.

Q: Very compelling presentation; great portrait of demographic shifts in US - to what extent do these impact globally?
A: Only region of the world not experiencing these trends is sub-Saharan Africa; a global phenom

Q: School to prison pipeline: what can we do to reduce it?
A: Rebuild a better, robust system of public schools that offer protection, affection, correction, connection. Engage our boys in a different way. Better preparation for new generation of teachers. More training in youth development.

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