Joseph Estabrook Elementary School

Front Facade | November
Main Entry | August
There is a lot to say about the Joseph Estabrook Elementary School, a K-5 school where "the historic past meets the progressive future." Trust me, this isn't the last word.

3rd Floor Hallway | August
3rd Floor Hall | November
The school was built in 1962. One can imagine
that, after 50 years, the school has left an indelible impression on thousands of children and their families who spent years here.

We broke ground on a new building in June 2012 and for the past 18 months, construction has been on-going, just a few feet from the existing school.

Construction is expected to be completed - ahead of schedule and under budget! - for move-in next month (February 2014).

In August (2013) the School Committee was invited to the new site for a "walk-through". I took pictures of several areas.
Side view
of main facade | August
Side view
 of main facade | November

Three months later (to the date!) we were invited back for another walk-through to see how far the project had progressed since August. By November, the most visible and striking changes were to exterior masonry and gym. Also noticeable were classroom windows and walls (installed), hallways and stairways (enclosed), Library and Art Room (cabinetry & lighting), and roof garden (ready for plants, in trays).
5th grade Classroom | November
Art Room | November
Green Roof, ready for plantings | November
Gym | August
Gym | August
Gym | November
Library | November
Southern facade | November
By the time we were back outside, the crepuscular haze was closing in and it was difficult to see exterior details. Bio-remediation beds and a first of the aggregate concrete pathways were laid. We were informed that the plants for the roof garden would be installed the week after Thanksgiving. The Estabrook School website has a terrific digital album of the project where one may learn more detail about the Estabrook School Building Project. [Additional pics on my Instagram.]