Monday, April 8, 2019

Beginning Week 3 | Town Meeting

Welcome to the third week of Town Meeting (TM). Town Moderator (TMod) envisions completion of the Warrant by Wednesday night. Of course, that is (somewhat) up to Town Meeting Members (TMMs) so we've been asked to hold Monday, April 22 in the event it's needed, following April public school vacation week.

Voting record of TMMs to date (March 25 & 27; April 1 & 3) is HERE

We start a little earlier tonight, at 7:15, in order to take time to 1) acknowledge awardee/s for the  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award (a title that is different than in the past and I'm curious to understand differences) and 2) TMMs who have been in TM for 30-years.

Call to Order comes at 7:15 PM by Town Moderator Deborah Brown (TMod)
Welcome to guests.
Recess called for presentation of the Awards

LPS Superintendent Dr Julie Hackett presents Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Awards to 5 students and their teacher. Students directed Petitions signed and delivered to superintendent and other administrators to: Hire more staff and administrators of color; Look at curriculum dealing with electives in African American Literature and others.
(This award has always gone to an LPS educator or staff person; this is the first time students have been acknowledged, I believe!)

Presentation of 30-year Awards by Town Meeting Member Association to three TMMs: Robert Cohen (P4), Jeanne Krieger (P3), Alan Levine (P8). Jeanne Canale acknowledged with thanks for serving as TMMA Chair.

Back in session 7:29 PM
Attendance and announcements 

Article 2: Report of the Community Preservation Committee (CPC)
Received and placed on file by VOICE VOTE (VV)
Marilyn Fenollosa, TMM/P5 and Chair CPC

Meeting is now open on Article 14—Appropriate the FY2020 Community Preservation Committee Operating Budget and CPA Projects (parts c,l,m already acted upon within the Consent Agenda)
Presentation, HERE
VOTING on ITEMS 1,2,3,4 requires a simple majority:
YES: 157
NO: 0

Article 14a -- Conservation Land Acquisition (designated on map 32 as lots 114 and 135)
Presentation on 14a, HERE
Select Board (SB): Unanimously in support of all parts of this Article
Capital Expenditures Committee (CEC): Except for 14k, Unanimously in support of all other parts
Appropriation Committee (AC): Unanimously in support; on Article 14e:7-2 in support
Qmic: TMM/P4 The parcels -- Why spending money on something that can't be built upon?
Town of Lexington (ToL): It is the only way to get the other parcel
Qmic: TMM/P6: Question on wording of Article
Town Counsel: The choice of the CPC
SB is adding language to the MOTION, at the end: and further authorize the Board of Selectmen to take such land by purchase or eminent domain
No further questions or comments
VOTING on 14a requires 2/3 majority:
YES: 163
NO: 2

14b: Willard's Woods Site Improvements
Presentation on 14b, HERE
Commission on Disability: Supports 14b
No Qs
VOTING on 14b requires simple majority:
YES: 163
NO: 1

14d: Phase 3 of the Battle Green Master Plan
No further recommendations
Qmic: Railings for stairs to the Old belfry?
ToL: Looking at rails
No further Qs
VOTING on 14d requires simple majority:
YES: 163
NO: 1

14e: 9 Oakland Street—Renovation and Adaptive ReUse
Presentation on 14e, HERE
NOmic: TMM/P6
Qmic: TMM/P8 Criteria from SB or CPC?
Ms. Fenollosa: We only consider those who request funding; we don't go looking for projects. Support is twofold: preserves early manufacturing from history also benefits those with brain injuries
Qmic: TMM/P7 Who owns?
ToL: Non-profit org
No further Qs
VOTING on 14e requires simple majority:
YES: 147
NO: 12

14f: Motion that this item be Indefinitely Postponed (IP'd)

Taking up 14 g, h, i
Presentations are HERE
14g: Old Reservoir Bathhouse Renovation
Qmic: TMM/P8 How making decision to open to public?
ToL: We're discussing; do not anticipate any problems for all members of public to access
Qmic: TMM/P3 When is work to be done?
ToL: Completed summer 2020
Qmic: TMM/P3 So, bathhouse will be available in summer of 2020?
ToL: Bathhouse would be closed summer of 2020
Qmic: TMM/P4 7,000 people use each summer?
ToL: correct
Qmic: TMM/P4 Town Pool complex?
ToL: 65,000-70,000 each season at Town Pool Complex
Qmic: will oppose
Qmic: TMM/P1 How many parking spaces at the Old Rez?
ToL: Currently 3 parking near facility; many more at Bridge School
Qmic: Contemplate more parking spaces for young children and ADA compliance?
ToL: We're currently working on that
Qmic: TMM/P1 is conflicted on this one
YESmic: TMM/P9
Qmic: TMM/P2 Quality of water?
ToL: Old Rez water is tested weekly
YESmic: TMM/P1
YESmic: TMM/P9
Qmic: TMM/P1 Still supporting Summer programs (Teddy Bear Picnic)?
ToL: Program will be at Center Complex; possibly back at Old Rez in 2021
YESmic: TMM/P8
No further Qs
VOTING on 14g requires simple majority:
YES: 153
NO: 10

14h: Park Improvements—Hard Court Resurfacing
Presentation, HERE
VOTING on 14h simple majority:
YES: 170
NO: 0

14i: Park Improvements—Athletic Fields (Diamond Middle School)
presentation HERE
Qmic: TMM/P6 Plan to install natural turf?
ToL: Yes
Qmic: TMM/P9 Exposed manhole cover addressed?
ToL: Yes -- will look at it during the renovation
YESmic: School Committee is in Unanimous support
Qmic: Funds only for Diamond Middle School?
Ms. Fenollosa: Haven't typically listed specific park
Qmic: amend MOTION to indicate: at Diamond Middle School
No further Qs
VOTING ON 14i requires simple majority
YES: 169
NO: 0

14j: Playground Replacement Program—Bridge Elementary School
Presentation, HERE
YESmic: School Committee Unsnimously supports 14j
Qmic: TMM/P1Who installs?
ToL: State Bid Contracts
Qmic: Is there a third party to help install? Removal of parts?
ToL: Removal is part of installation;
No further Qs
VOTING on 14j requires simple majority:
YES: 167
NO: 0

14k: LexHAB Preservation, Rehabilitation, and Restoration of Affordable Housing
(Pat Goddard is back as Executuve Director of LexHAB)
CEC: 5-1 approval
Qmic: TMM/P3 Wants to know status on Busa Farm Affordable Housing
ToL: LexHAB has had to enter into the public bidding process; we're now looking at modular buildings to stay within the funding approved by TM
Qmic: TMM/P3 Wants updates to TM when there are issues
YESmic: TMM/P8
Qmic: TMM/P7 What projects does LexHAB prioritize?
ToL: we think finish Busa
Qmic: When will you finish Vine Street?
ToL: nothing on paper, yet
No further Qs
VOTING on 14k requires simple majority:
YES: 163
NO: 4

Article 2: Report of the ad hoc Crematory Study Committee
Report is received and placed on file by VV

MOTION to take up Article 20g CARRIES by VV
Article 20g: Appropriate for Westview Cemetery Facility Construction
Presentation for Article 20g, is HERE
SB: 4-1 in support
CEC: Unanimous support
AC: Unanimous support
Qmic: TMM/P5 What is correct appropriation?
ToL: Gone through a series of estimates: $2.6M with contingency $2,8M
Qmic: TMM/P5 How many non-groundskeepers, etc, work there?
Apologies for not capturing all that the speaker said. I did hear 4 FTE + 2 seasonal
Qmic: How many burials each year?
ToL: About 200/yr
Many TMMs lined up at Qmic; 2 TMMs at NOmic
YESmic: Permanent Building Committee
NOmic: TMM/P4
Qmic: TMM/P2 Please clarify increased costs?
ToL: Self funding covers about 97% of costs; debt financing covers bonding over 20 years
NOmic: TMM/P8
Qmic: TMM/P7 How many can fit in the hall (sitting and standing)?
ToL: about 20-25 people
YESmic: TMM/P7
Qmic: TMM/P1 What does the term "by addition ready" mean?
ToL: Original design, cemetery building; added bathrooms, meeting space; Committal; Grieving families
Qmic: TMMP1 So, "by addition ready" means walls, windows, reconstruction, correct?
ToL: Yes
QmicTMMP1 Do we know the space necessary for a crematory and is that space sufficient?
ToL: We have a pretty good sense
QmicTMMP1 Fully accessible?
ToL: Yes
NOmic: TMM/P8
YESmic: TMM/P3
Qmic: TMM/P2 Have we considered constructing a Columbarium?
ToL: We haven't looked at specifics; understanding is that a Columbarium is a separate structure
NOmic: TMM/P6
YESmic: TMM/P6
Qmic: TMM/P6 Minority of SB?
SB Member Joe Pato: Fundamentally, feel we are designing the wrong building; regional demand. Is it the right location for increased demand? We will know better with the recommendation of the Study Committee a little later in the year
Qmic: TMM/P6 Solar panels on this building?
ToL: Designed to be "solar ready". TBD once appropriation is received
TMM/P7 Calls the Question
Debate on Calling Q PASSES by VV
No further Qs or people standing at mics
VOTE on Article 20g requires 2/3 majority::
YES: 75
NO: 81

Article 6: Appropriate for Cremation Facility at Westview Cemetery
REVISED MOTION that this item be Indefinitely Postponed (IP'd)
Presentation, HERE
SB: Supports IP
CEC: Unanimously supports IP
AC: Supports IP
VOTE to IP Article 6 by VV

No further action to be taken tonight
Adjourned until 7:30 PM Wednesday, April 10
10:27 PM

Image credit: Warrant and various reports produced annually by Town of Lexington Boards, Officials, and Committees ~ mas