Wednesday, March 8, 2017

On International Women's Day/Day Without a Woman

I posted a Sheryl Sandberg quote on Facebook earlier today (In the future there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders).

Six and 1/2 weeks ago, women marched in solidarity for equality, decency, and justice of every kind, with communities most affected by the hate, intolerance, arrogance, ignorance, and acts of violence being perpetrated throughout the nation and around the world. I marched with my daughter, my husband, and 175,000 other like-minded souls on Boston's Common. It was a turning point for me, an affirmation of all I value about this country and its people, and the happiest I had been since the election.

Recognizing that The People have not repudiated the vision as it is laid out in the US Constitution (those Truths that are self-evident such that we must continue to value and reaffirm them with others), and that, here we are, impossibly challenged to produce tangible evidence of that vision. The vision is blurred before me and it's just out of reach! We're in a fight for America's soul and searching for it as if in an incredible race against time. Because, that's what it feels like; some days, I can hardly breathe. That's the context for this post (hardly a manifesto) which picks up on some of those thoughts.

  • The past is a world defined, designed, and largely lead by men. The future will be defined, designed and lead by men and women. The present is the transition time between the two; there's tension as we (on the transition team?) move into the future.
  • Connecting our inner life to the work we do is a style of leadership that can change the world, leading with connection from the truth of who we are and placing relationships at the core of our work to advance humanity.
  • Moving from productivity and results to intuition and connection; moving through collaboration to connection to intimacy as a human race, being intimate with people and work on a broad scale.
  • Understanding that true connection and intimacy can't happen without vulnerability. Choosing love instead of fear. Understanding what you feel called to do with your life right now.
  • How to cultivate desire for change, intuition, and sense of meaning that brings a purpose into the world. Knowing deeply what matters most.
  • Understanding how to create change through self-acceptance, desire, and the present moment; the ability to do what's difficult even when exhausted, busy, etc.
  • Our values are energy for action and energy for engagement. Learning a variety of ways of Being (inner work) with awareness of self doubt and the inner critic. Cultivating an inner mentor and unhooking from praise and criticism.
  • The gap between our ideals and the present situation; the paradox of being in conflict with our values because of the present situation.
  • Being curious (open and receptive) about the process of transformation, as opposed to analyzing it. Allowing and providing space and time for meaningful change.
  • Admitting what you know to be true. Planning an exit strategy. Knowledge of the value of transparency and the value of trust.
  • True betrayal is the abandoning of oneself for the people-pleasing of others. A dream is to be moved by intuition on being a host for an idea.
Actions for this day:
1. Put your dreams where you can see them.
2. Share your vision - engage and talk about it; ask for help.
3. Check-in regularly on them.