NASBE: Public Education Positions

I'm a member of the (PEP) Committee. We had a conference call recently to discuss how to do some revamping of the positions, with respect to establishing a process and structure for establishing new positions, reaffirming positions, and archiving positions.

  • NASBE referred to the structure of the Government Affairs Committee (GAC) as a good template: members to PEP would be appointed by state boards of ed, with NASBE President appointing the Chair. After some discussion, the Committee was in unanimous support.
  • NASBE had been working on a preamble for the position statements, which was brought to the Committee and ultimately supported (unanimously) after discussion.
  • The Committee's recommendations will go before the NASBE Board for its support to adopt this structure on MOnday, June 20, which also requires changes to the PEP Committee Bylaws (Article X, Section 4).

If the Board votes to support one or both recommendation at its meeting on Monday, June 20, the proposal will go before the Delegate Assembly at the Annual Conference this October for a final vote and Bylaws change.